Must-Haves for Cheerleaders, Coaches, Parents, and More

by omni

There is a lot of gear that goes into cheerleading, and it’s to no one’s surprise that getting involved and keeping up with your team costs quite a bit of money. There are many ways to cut down costs, but you definitely can’t cut corners when it comes to certain items that must be owned in the world of cheer! In order to be on your game all the time, some items take priority over others. But, not all items go with every role in cheer: you have to know what accompanies you at every stage of cheerleading. As a cheerleader, you have to own the most things out of everyone involved in the industry: uniforms, bows, shoes, practice wear‚ the list goes on and on! Not only that, but a lot of cheerleaders get so into the cheer lifestyle that their calendars fill fast! From team activities and practices, social and school events, and everything in between, cheerleaders can find themselves with little to no free time! So, when your day is jam-packed full of activities, there are some items that make a busy cheerleader’s life a lot easier. It takes a lot to be a coach: having determination, yet compassion; remaining upbeat, yet competitive; juggling work and a team schedule, and possibly even a family! Your role is irreplaceable and your team‚ no matter how much they complain at practice sometimes‚ really appreciates everything that you do for them. What would they do without you? On top of keeping an organized schedule (as well as your sanity during cheer season), there are certain must-have items that you should never show up without. Cheer parents never know what they are getting into the day their child comes home and announces they want to be a cheerleader. It’s a pivotal moment, for sure, but for all parties involved! Parents of cheerleaders need to be equipped with the right kind of attitude, the ability to provide transportation (most of the time), an open mind, and an arsenal of knowledge that comes along with experience. Do you think all cheer parents knew how to make a perfect hair tease the first time a competition came around? Nope. Before you panic, there are three things in particular that make up a new cheer parent’s survival kit. As mentioned above, there is always a turning point in every cheerleader’s life when they decide to join cheer. A person might join cheerleading for many reasons, whether that is because their friends are also trying out, or because they think it will be a fun activity, or because they think it would boost their confidence, or because they realized they were born with glitter running through their veins. In any case, a cheerleader becomes a cheerleader, and they adapt to the cheerleading way of life. But, how does it all start? Find out what every aspiring cheerleader needs to have before they join. What other must-haves are there for cheerleaders? What about for coaches or parents? Let us know your experiences in the comments below!

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