Cheerleading in the Movies vs. Cheerleading in Real Life

by omni

We love cheerleading movies. Getting together with teammates to watch your favorite cheerleading movie is a blast, but there are some things the movies just don’t get right about our sport or the athletes in it. Cheerleaders usually prefer spandex, sweats, and t-shirts to wearing heels everywhere. Cheer seasons usually end with a “See ya in a couple weeks at practice!” instead of huge trophies and love stories coming together. And cheerleaders’ personalities in the movies are nothing like cheerleaders in real life. We still love a good cheer movie, but we need to point out the things the movies get wrong. Here are a few discrepancies between cheerleading in the movies and cheerleading in real life: Cheer rivalries in the movies: (Source: Yeah, we’ll just skip our game and go to theirs and do their cheers with them. Cheer rivalries in real life: (Source: Ugh we have to beat them! Outdoor cheer practice in the movies: (Source: No sweating. No hairs out of place. Perfect conditions. You know, the usual… Outdoor cheer practice in real life: (Source: Rain or shine, you know where to find us. Cheer routines in the movies: (Source: For this year’s routine, we will just dance around and shake our poms and stuff. Cheer routines in real life: (Source: Important announcement: Whether you’re a young Pop Warner squad or a level 5 All Star team, routines contain actual skills that take hard work and practice. What happens after cheer competitions in the movies: (Source: Well, we hit our routine so I guess I’ll just celebrate with Prince Charming… What happens after cheer competitions in real life: (Source: Please take me home, Mom. I’m tired and hungry. In real life, cheerleaders aren’t mean popular snobs, they are too busy with cheer to even think about dating the quarterback, and they don’t sit around and twirl their hair all through class. While meeting Mr. Right at a cheer competition and having a scenic outdoor practice in which you don’t break a sweat but still manage to be a top competitor sounds like a pretty good deal, we’ll still take real life where cheerleaders are known for giving back to the community, supporting their schools and gyms, training insane, and getting along with their cheer parents, teammates, and rival squads. What do you think the movies get wrong about cheerleading?

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