Cheerleading Blog Launches CheerLiving Magazine!

by omni

Yesterday, we announced the big news about CheerLiving magazine, our newest venture. We are so excited to be exploring more ways to share the latest cheer news, tips, and advice with our readers, whether they’re dedicated cheerleaders, new cheer parents, cheer coaches, or just cheer enthusiasts. We’ve come along way over the years – from developing a blog that offers free downloadable eBooks to creating monthly polls and Reader of the Month contests. CheerLiving is our biggest and most exciting project yet. Be sure to check it out at We’ve got some great photo albums, information about us, and a subscription page where you can instantly view the first issue and subscribe for free to receive all the digital issues we’ll release in the future. Now, check out the press release Chasse, CheerLiving’s premiere sponsor, released: CHEERLEADING BLOG ANNOUNCES LAUNCH OF CHEERLIVING MAGAZINE Cheerleading Blog, an online leader in cheerleading resources and news, released the debut issue of its latest venture, a free print magazine. San Diego, July 12, 2013 — Cheerleading Blog announced today the launch of CheerLiving, a quarterly magazine for everyone and anyone involved in today’s world of cheerleading. The collector’s edition first issue will be released this month and feature world-renowned cheerleader Maddie Gardner on the cover. It will be available for free as a digital subscription, with print editions being distributed to gyms and schools around the country through the magazine’s partnership with Chasse. Individual subscriptions for print issues are not availalbe at this time. The release of CheerLiving coincides with the five-year anniversary of Cheerleading Blog, which has grown to become a leading online destination for cheerleaders, coaches, and parents, and a featured content provider for Cheer Channel, Inc. and Cheer News Network. CheerLiving is the latest venture for the Blog, which launched a in 2011, and was created to be a new way for cheerleaders, coaches, parents and choreographers to find the most relevant and up-to-date information about cheerleading. Now, all the best features of the Blog, including expert and reader tips, are available to read even without access to the Internet. “We are constantly pushing ourselves and finding new ways to grow. First it was our publishing free eBooks and now we’re exploring new territory – print. We have so much incredible and relevant content, tips, advice, and stories that we want to share with everyone in the cheerleading industry,” said Cheerleading Blog editor, Melissa Darcey. Chasse, a leading cheerleading apparel company, is the premier sponsor of the magazine. Other sponsors include Omni Cheer, Campus Teamwear, Glitterbug Cosmetics, Fun”d”2Raise and The first issue contains information and stories on cheer camp, spirit building activities, preparation for football games, and tips on balancing a busy cheer life. In addition to being featured on the first cover of CheerLiving, Maddie Gardner, who recently signed a multi-year contract with Chasse, also contributed an article for the issue. “We are so happy to see our spokesmodel, Maddie Gardner, on the cover of CheerLiving. She is one of the biggest cheerleaders today and so many cheerleaders look up to her for advice and guidance, with good reason. Maddie has had an uncanny ability throughout her entire career to keep her cheerleading dreams alive while excelling as a student and member of her community, ” commented Jessica Rzeszut, Chasse marketing manager. For more information on CheerLiving or to subscribe to receive future digital issues, visit or follow @CheerLivingMag on Twitter. ### ABOUT CheerLiving MAGAZINE: CheerLiving Magazine, a division of Cheerleading Blog and sponsored by cheerleading company Chasse, is a source of cheerleading news, tips, and advice for cheerleaders, coaches, parents, industry leaders, and the cheerleading community. ABOUT CHEERLEADING BLOG: Cheerleading Blog is the official blog supported by industry leaders Omni Cheer, Campus Teamwear, Chasse, Fun”d”2Raise,, and Glitterbug Cosmetics. ABOUT CHASS√â: Chasse is a leader and innovator in the world of cheerleading apparel and accessories, providing affordable and high-performance in-stock cheerleading apparel to cheerleaders of all ages.

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