Cheerleaders’ Summer Break Expectations vs. Reality

by omni

When it comes to summer break, we all have big plans, but reality doesn’t always match up with our imaginations. Here are a few examples of how we imagine our glorious summer breaks will be versus how they actually turn out. Expectation: I get to sit back and watch TV all day! Reality: There is nothing good on TV during the day. Hope you have Netflix or a well-stocked DVR‚ or are easily entertained by infomercials and your grandma’s soaps. Expectation: I’ll have so much time on my hands to do cool things! Reality: You turn on the TV and watch other people do cool things. Expectation: Finally my body gets a break. Reality: Cheer camp. Expectation: OK, but after cheer camp I’ll have time to relax and let my body recover from a tough season of cheer. Reality: You’re sore from jumping on the trampoline. Expectation: It’ll be so nice not having to go to school every day! Reality: I miss seeing my friends every day. Expectation: I’ll get to sleep in! Reality: One hundred percent of neighbors mow their lawns at the crack of dawn/before noon. Expectation: I’ll get to go on cool trips! Reality: You have to go on what your mom and dad think are cool trips. Expectation: No homework!!! Reality: Summer jobs you’d trade for an hour of math homework in a heartbeat. Expectation: I get a break from cheer! Reality: You really should be working on cheer. Didn’t they tell you there is no off-season for cheerleaders? But cheer up! Summer is still fun. You can do fun outdoor workouts, take mid-day naps, and experiment with your hair color since you’ll have a few weeks to fix any catastrophes before you have to see people regularly again. What summer expectations do you have that don’t always turn out like you’d hoped? (Images via

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