Cheerleaders and Parents Fight Hard to Save Their Sport

by omni

In Ronan, Montana, the fight is on to save cheerleading. Currently, Ronan High School administrators are planning on eliminating the winter cheer program. This would mean no cheerleading for several months, even though all other sport teams would continue. The school is looking to make budget cuts and the cheerleading program was at the top of the list. The plan is to have a cheerleading team for the fall season only, leaving the current cheerleaders and their parents upset, especially since the school wants to change cheerleading from a sport to a “pep club.” However, the cheerleaders and parents aren’t taking the decision lying down. Several parents have offered to volunteer as coaches and many are asking the school board to reconsider their decision. Additionally, they’re asking the school board to deal with harassment the cheerleaders have been receiving. Predominantly at volleyball games, audience members are hitting the cheerleaders and calling them cruel and hurtful names. One of the cheer moms even has evidence of one of the incidents on video. Former cheerleader and now cheer mom Lisa Corbett told the local paper, The Valley Journal, “I just feel that we are losing school spirit as a whole because of what’s happening. The school is not behind the cheerleaders. The kids aren’t behind the cheerleaders. We need to do something. When you lose school spirit, you lose morale.” While currently there are only five members on the team, there are supposedly 20 students interested in trying out next year. What do you think of this? Should the school cut the program since there are so few team members? Or should the cheerleaders and their parents keep fighting to save their team? News Source: The Valley Journal

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