Cheerleader with Down Syndrome Called a Liability. Is She? (VIDEO)

by omni

Brittany Davila’s journey to become a cheerleader hasn’t been easy. The 16-year-old from Deer Park, Texas found a place on her high school cheer squad, only to be benched a few weeks later. Brittany is a young girl with Down Syndrome and her greatest love is cheering. While learning cheers isn’t easy, Brittany loves what she does. She was named an honorary member of her high school squad and practiced all summer. However, at the second game of the school year, she was told she can’t cheer on the sidelines because she was a liability and that, instead, she would have to sit in the stands. Confused and upset, Brittany’s parents went to school administrators, arguing that Brittany is no more a liability than any other cheerleader. They also argued that they understand the dangers of cheerleading and don’t believe Brittany is in harm’s way. Brittany’s mother, Buffy, told KTRK, “I know she’s “different,’ but my whole thing is everybody should be treated the same. If there’s something she can’t do, then she just can’t do it. But don’t tell me she can’t do it without even letting her try.” Brittany and her parents’ words made an impact and Brittany was just recently reinstated on the team. She’ll continue as an honorary member, meaning she doesn’t attend competitions or perform any stunts. However, at games, she’ll cheer on the sidelines with the rest of the team. When the team performs group stunts, Brittany will stand off to the side to ensure she doesn’t get hurt. Do you think the school’s and coach’s concerns were valid? Should a school worry more about the safety of a disabled or special needs cheerleader? Or, should he/she be treated like every other cheerleader and student? Watch the video below to see the news coverage! Breaking NewsNews Source: ABC News

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