Cheer Up! How To Avoid The Post Holiday Blues

by omni

Happiness is often thought of as something that is easy to achieve, but it is actually a learned skill! Just like any cheerleading move or stunt, you have to make a choice to be happy and to practice (and spread) happiness. It can be extra challenging to stay happy once the holidays are over. You’ve spent months preparing and being excited, and now it is all over. The food has been devoured, the presents have been exchanged and open…and what’s left is just…winter. Don’t worry though – you are a trained spirit leader so you can get through this! Here’s a quick list of tips to help you beat the blues before they become a burden: Be Happy. Ok, ok, I already told you it wasn’t that easy. BUT, you can control your attitude. Think optimistically, see opportunity instead of misfortune, and think like a winner. You need to do these things for better or worse – not just when things are going your way. A positive mindset will result in a positive and happy mind! Give Back. Find a project within your community that your entire team can volunteer for. You’ll feel great when you see other happy people, and even better if you know that you helped make them happy! As a bonus, it would be a great team bonding activity! Do Things That Make You Happy. Sounds easy right? However, it is more common to get too busy with school, practice and cheerleading performances to spend time doing things you love. Yes, cheerleading is something you love, but you should make time for reading, family dinners, movie nights and hanging out with friends too. Whatever makes you happy, seek that out! Be Grateful. Stop focusing on what presents you didn’t get for the holidays, and appreciate the gifts you did receive, the time you got to spend with your family and the joy you gave when you handed out presents. Take some time to think about all the great things in your life – your friends, your cheer team, your family – and you will instantly see an uplift in your mood.

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