Cheer Skill Review: How To Perform The X Jump (Visual Guide)

by omni

Cheerleading jumps are a basic skill, but they are mandatory for all levels of cheerleading. Jumps are a feature of sideline and elite choreography, and a requirement for most cheerleading tryout routines! Jumps function as a crowd-pleasing move, but they also teach you valuable techniques that will help you pick up advanced moves and choreography at a faster pace. It’s important for a cheerleader to master jump entry before moving on to the full jump. Performing the basic entry steps in repetition will help your body build muscle memory so that the movements needed for jumps become like second nature. Don’t forget to stretch and warm up! How To Perform the X Jump for Cheerleading Click above to view larger image Start your jump entry with your feet together, your arms straight down on your side and your hands in fists. Clap your hands and then put your arms into a High V position, and slightly bend your knees. Cross your arms into an X and swing them down. Don’t just pull your arms down – swing them to help you build momentum for your jump. Your arms will uncross after lining up with your knees. As you continue to swing your arm motion back out and up, bend your knees even more, and spring up and launch yourself into the air. Continue pulling your arms back up into a High V motion. Jump straight up with your head and chest up and your back straight. Once you are off the ground, pull your legs apart, into an upside down High V. Be sure to point your toes! Pull your legs back together as you are coming down. Your legs should be together when your feet hit the ground, and you should bend your knees to absorb the shock. As you are landing, you’ll also start pulling your arms down. After your feet hit the ground, you’ll bring your arms straight down by your side, keeping your hands in fists. Straighten your knees once you are steady, and finish the jump with a basic cheer clap. While executing these each of these steps, make sure they are down quickly and consecutively of each other, so your jump will be one continual, smooth and powerful motion

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