Cheer Shoe Review: The Iconic Nike

by omni

Cheer shoes. They’re a necessity. Not only are they part of the uniform, they help cheerleaders safely perform stunts. With so many varieties and styles to choose from, it can be daunting deciding on the perfect shoe, whether you’re a new cheerleader or an experienced coach. We’re looking at cheer shoes from Nike, the iconic athletic brand. Nike has long been recognized as a go-to brand for all sports. Nike cheer shoes are durable, dependable, and keep your feet protected during even the most impressive stunts. You can find these Nike cheer shoes and more at Campus Teamwear, for the lowest price guaranteed. Nike Sideline Cheer II The Sideline Cheer II is a great shoe if you’re all about durability (it’s a little heavier of a shoe, weighing in at 9.7 oz.). The Sideline Cheer II is a very flexible shoe, thanks to internal grooves and pivot points. While excellent for use on indoor surfaces (due to its non-marking rubber outsole and a pivot point), it has sufficient traction for outdoor surfaces as well. The grooves in the midsole (the center padded layer of the heel) allow for maximum flexibility so you can stretch your feet in all directions without any restriction. A bonus for the cheerleaders who love to match: with an interchangeable color card, you can color coordinate your shoes with your team colors and cheerleading uniform! Nike Cheer Flash Similar to the Sideline Cheer II shoe, the Cheer Flash is slightly heavier (9.8 oz.) but flexible. The low-profile design is sleek and the cushioning is supportive but not bulky. Its non-marking sole make it excellent for indoor surfaces. Durable enough for outdoor use as well, this shoe is a great option for a squad, whether you’re cheering on the football team from the sidelines or performing at a competition. The Cheer Flash is made of both leather and synthetic leather, with a breathable mesh tongue and a Phylon midsole (translation: the middle layer of the sole is made of lightweight, flexible foam. Phylon is a Nike brand material and is very durable). Mid-foot strapping offers extra support, no matter what stunt you’re doing! You’ll have the confidence to tumble, flip, fly and soar with this shoe. Nike Free Hyper Cheer Need a cheer shoe that can keep up with your rigorous training schedule? If so, the Nike Free Hyper Cheer is your best bet. Wearing this shoe is like being barefoot; the shoe is extremely flexible, allowing for multi-directional movement. This shoe won’t weigh you down, either (it’s only 6.4 oz.!). Although lightweight, the Free Hyper won’t easily fall apart. The rubber outsole has an asymmetrical pattern on the forefoot (the front of the shoe) and was created with traction and stability in mind. This shoe makes it easier to increase flexibility and gain lower body strength during practice. Along with a breathable, synthetic leather upper and glow-in-the-dark rubber pads on the outsole for nighttime visibility, this shoe has just about everything. Now if only it had a built-in iPod with the perfect workout playlist… Nike Compete Last, but certainly not least is the Compete cheer shoe. This shoe was specifically designed for competitive cheerleading activities. At just 6.4 oz., the Compete is lightweight and low profile. The rubber is non-marking and contains an outsole for multidirectional traction and control, making this an excellent indoor cheer shoe. Do you wear or have you worn Nike cheer shoes? What do you love about them and what is your favorite style? Share your own review!

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