Cheer Poll Results: What’s Your Favorite Sport to Cheer For?

by omni

Whether or not you compete, cheerleading squads, especially at the high school level, cheer for sports teams during the school year. The biggest two sports are basketball and football, which are very different from one another when it comes to creating and performing cheers and routines. Sometimes, even the team uniforms are different! For this month’s poll, we asked you what your favorite sport to cheer for is. The results are in and we’re not so surprised to see that most said that as long as they’re cheering they don’t care what the sport is! This proves our belief that cheering all comes down to spirit. It doesn’t matter what the sport is; it’s all about pumping up the crowd and cheering on the sports team. However, in close second was football. This means a lot of you must be excited for the upcoming fall season! Be sure to take part in our polls every month, and check back for the results!

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