Cheer Poll Results: How Many Cheer Bows Do You Have?

by omni

Accessories are important for cheerleaders but hair bows are a necessity. Your look really isn’t complete until you have a giant bow on top of your ponytail. It’s a cheerleader’s crown. So it makes sense that many cheerleaders stock up on bows and make a collection out of them, displaying them in creative ways at home when they’re not wearing them. For this month’s poll, we asked you how many bows you own. The results are in and we’re surprised to see that most cheerleaders either only have a few or have countless amounts! While most said they only have between one and five, a close second amount of voters said they have over 20! This makes us believe that our readers are both new cheerleaders and experienced pros who have been cheering for years. Be sure to take part in our polls every month, and check back for the results!

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