Cheer Parents, DON’T Do This!

by omni

A note to cheerleading parents everywhere: don’t do what these parents did. In New Brighton, Pennsylvania, cheerleading tryouts ended with an appearance from the police after two parents of cheerleaders who were trying out got in a heated dispute. According to CBS Pittsburgh News, when a woman’s daughter didn’t make the team, she stormed out of the gymnasium, upset and heated. Another cheerleader’s mother named Kailyn Boring confronted the upset mother and a fight ensued. Kailyn, according to a police report, yelled obscenities at the other mother and behaved violently. When one of the cheer squad’s advisers tried to break up the fight, Kailyn poured coffee onto the adviser. Kailyn is now facing charges for her actions. This story is an embarrassing example of how a cheer parent should never behave (and for a number of reasons). First, if your child doesn’t make the team, try not to storm out, upset. Your cheerleader is already disappointed and you showing your own disappointment will only make her feel worse. Remember to respect the coach’s final decision. There’s always next year and there are also other teams your child can tryout for. Secondly, whatever you do, don’t get in a fight with another cheer parent. It’s not fair to your child and will only embarrass her and give her a bad reputation. As upset as you may be, don’t take it out on another person. Focus on helping your child. Have you ever seen a cheer parent create a scene? How do you handle your cheerleader’s disappointing or upsetting moments?

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