Cheer Fashions at Prom

by omni

Somehow, the end of the academic year always feels like a new beginning. Seniors graduate, finals are finished, and straight ahead are summer sunshine, toes in the sand, and (of course) cheer camp. But, before that final paper is graded, there’s one tradition left to wrap up the semester: prom. Whether you’re attending the prom itself, a semi-formal, or a military ball, there’s something especially exciting about celebrating another school year completed at a formal dance with your friends. High energy, great music, and huge smiles are the domain of cheerleaders, so prom is like your last performance of the year. If your squad wants to incorporate a little extra cheerleader into your prom style, here are some ideas! Bold Eye Shadow: Cheerleaders are pros at applying dramatic make-up for games and competitions, and there’s no better off-season occasion to show off those skills than prom! The vibrant school color hues that you might not wear everyday but rock on the mat (Hello, Bottle Green and Canary Yellow!) blend better with a party atmosphere like prom, so don’t feel limited to neutral tones. If you prefer neutrals, of course, go for it‚ you can even glam it up a bit with a little glitter glue and shimmery shadow. If you’re looking for something funky but don’t want to go full-blown bold shadow, consider incorporating a fun color into your liner or mascara, such as the recent blue trend. Curls and Bows: If you’re more of a DIY person when it comes to styling your hair, why not use your competition curls or ponytails? Especially for cheerleaders with short hair who might want to style their hair differently for prom, cheer extensions are a quick and easy way to achieve spiral curls or a sleek ponytail without battling a straightener or iron. Whether you’re using cheer extensions or your own hair, adding a bow is a nice pop of color as well. Pick out your favorite cheer bow for a little added school spirit (especially great for seniors), or grab a spool of wide ribbon at your local craft store and make a custom bow just for prom (perfect for matching your dress‚ or the rest of your squad)! Sneakers: We’ve all seen the pile of discarded shoes twenty minutes into any formal dance. Your favorite song is on the speakers, and you can’t pull of your signature moves in four-inch heels! Instead of going barefoot or using flip-flops, which both run the risk of getting your feet dirty, or worse, stepped on, consider bringing comfy footwear to change into when the dance floor opens up. Cheer sneakers are designed for a snug fit and sleek appearance, so they’ll hide perfectly under your prom dress. Plus, the only thing cuter than a squad photo of everyone pulling back their dresses to reveal matching sneakers is nobody on your squad having blisters and bandages all over your feet the day after the dance. Polish: OK, to be fair, competition squads don’t wear a lot of cheer polish due to safety and performance rules. However, your nail polish can be an ode to your squad on prom night! Like with bows or shadow, show off your school colors (bonus points for glitter and glow-in-the-dark shades)! You can even add letters, designs, or stickers. These options are available at salons, or you can certainly pick up products at your local drug store to do yourself. DIY nails come with the bonus of the pre-prom manicure party with your friends, too! Poms: It’s prom, the end of the academic calendar and the most fun night of the school year. Go ahead, bust out the poms. Bring them out to the dance floor and form a cheer circle, especially if the DJ is playing your competition song. Form a tunnel for seniors to run through when they come into the hall, a la homecoming. Throw your poms in the air like graduation caps to say, “We Did It! ” You’ve earned it. Do you have any cheer styles to show off at prom? Be sure to share your favorite looks! Images: Giphy

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