“Cans for Cash” Fundraising

by omni

A “Cans For Cash” fundraiser is an easy and enjoyable way to earn money while helping the environment too. This fundraiser will not just turn collected aluminum cans into funds; it will reduce litter in the community, help conserve natural resources, and even save energy. The recycling industry over 10,000 locations nationwide that pay for aluminum cans, making a Cans for Cash fundraising campaign very convenient. A Cans For Cash drive can be conducted at any time or place, and requires investing nothing more than a little time, motivation and creativity. Fundraising campaigns are a great way to raise money for your squad and oftentimes can help cover costs for things like cheer uniforms, cheerleading shoes , pom pons, accessories, and more. The first step is to set a goal for the drive and figure out how much you want to earn. Then, make sure to contact local recycling centers in your area to find out their hours, what they pay for aluminum cans, and whether they want the cans to be crushed before you drop them off. Some recycling centers offer special rates for schools and non-profit groups, and even offer pick-up services, so it can’t hurt to ask. You can find recycling centers in your area by searching online, calling a local soft drink bottler or a state recycling coordinator. The best part of a Cans for Cash drives is the endless opportunities everywhere you look! Some good places to look for cans are apartments, restaurants, parks, playgrounds, construction sites and wherever you see vending machines. Many beverages are sold in aluminum cans. However, if you’re ever in doubt, just place a magnet against the cans. Remember, a magnet will not stick to aluminum. It’s also a good idea to set up collections with local stores. You can do this by asking stores to set up a box with a sign reading “Please Recycle Your Aluminum Cans Here” that includes your fundraising goal. Make sure your collected cans are dry and clean. Most recycling centers will subtract as much as ten percent from the purchase price for wet or dirty cans. Your collected cans are valuable, so make sure to keep them stored in a secure place, sheltered from the weather and strong winds. Also, don’t forget to leave the pull-tabs on your cans attached; cans with pull-tabs weigh more and will help you earn more money. Remember there are so many other ways to get creative with your fundraising campaign. Cans for Cash, bake sales, and car washes are all great ways to get your team’s face out in the community and raise money for your squad. Another great idea to supplement your Cans for Cash drive is scratch-off donation cards , available at cheerleadingonline.com. Just like lottery scratchers, donors have the fun of scratching off a section of the card to find out how much to donate, in affordable amounts from 75 cents to 3 dollars. With scratch-off donations, you can bring in up to $250 per $5 card and introduce yet another fun and easy way to raise money for your team.

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