Not Your Average NFL Cheerleading Squad

by omni

Many people think professional cheerleading is more dance moves than handsprings. The Baltimore Ravens are proving that stereotype wrong. Hundreds of individuals are trying out for professional cheer teams this time of year, as most NFL teams hold tryouts between March and May. The Baltimore Ravens is just one of those teams, which had more than 200 males and females try out this month. Wait, males? That’s right. One of the many things that makes the Ravens different from many other teams is the fact that they are coed. Another major difference? They tumble and stunt. The Baltimore Ravens, based in Maryland, are the only NFL cheerleading team that is coed and one of the few teams that focuses on acrobatics. Rather than just dancing and cheering, the cheerleaders perform tucks, handsprings, basket tosses, and more. Reported by the Daily Mail, Aia Evans, 23 said of her dreams of making the team, “it’s a great opportunity to stunt.” Aia is a former gymnast and is one of the many that wants to use her gymnastics skills on the football field. The Baltimore Ravens are a great example of how professional cheerleaders aren’t just dancers. They can be gymnasts and acrobats, too! We’d love to see more NFL squads follow suit and incorporate male cheerleaders and stunt groups to reflect the traditional sideline cheerleading we know and love. See the whole story here at the Daily Mail.

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