Are this cheerleader’s school and coach to blame for her head injury?

by omni

A cheerleader at Azusa Pacific University near Los Angeles, California, is suing the school and cheer coach after she suffered a traumatic brain injury. The cheerleader filed a negligence suit, claiming the squad was performing a stunt it was not prepared for. According to her complaint, she was required to do tumbling, a standing back handspring, stunting, and flying. The cheerleader said she suffered one major and one minor concussion in August 2012 while performing with her squad. She said she was told she could return to flying after those injuries, and then suffered a “traumatic brain injury with resulting impairment.” The lawsuit alleges the team wasn’t properly trained for the stunts, the cheerleader shouldn’t have been allowed to participate after the initial injuries, and the coach “had no head trauma protocol for cheer team participants, despite the national recognition of concussions being a major cause of traumatic brain injuries in students involved in cheer stunts.” You can read more on the lawsuit from the San Gabriel Valley Tribune. What do you think? Is this cheerleader right to sue the school and coach for her injuries, or is it her responsibility to make sure there are safety standards in place and that she is comfortable with the coach’s experience before agreeing to join the squad?

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