All You Need to Know About Practice Wear

by omni

Practice wear: you know it, you need it, you love it, and chances are your closets are full of it! Choosing the right practice wear is important when it comes to performing your best, whether you’re on the field, in the gym, at camp, or even in your own backyard. Here are a few things to keep in mind before you buy: The type of clothing you practice in matters. You shouldn’t wear just any old shirt and shorts” “clothing that is too loose or has too little support will not work with your body the way you need it to when you’re stunting, tumbling, and cheering, and could potentially cause injury. Choose practice wear meant for cheerleading, which should be form fitting, flexible, and supportive. Practice wear comes in different fabrics, and it’s important to choose the right fabric for you. Cotton will be comfortable and breathable, but to avoid injury make sure everything fits correctly and is not overly stretched out or too loose. Lycra is a more form-fitting fabric designed to be flexible yet comfortable, and will work well during any stunting or tumbling. Poly/Spandex is tighter, fitted, and supportive, and is often made with a fabric that is moisture-wicking, making it a comfortable, sturdy choice no matter how long your practices. An important part of practice wear is, of course, putting it all together into a cute, stylish outfit. Chasse has some great ideas for accessorizing their practice wear items. You can stick to a sleek look with C-Prime tank and shorts, a metallic touch with metallic panel shorts and matching poms, or even a wild animal print look with all of the zebra options available! Don’t forget that customizing your practice wear is an option and can take your look from good to spectacular. There are a lot of options to choose from, including embroidery, screen printing, even DIY team projects like adding rhinestones or store-bought patches! A personalized touch will make your practice wear look pop. What do you look for when picking out practice wear?

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