All Star Cheerleaders Say “Don’t Compare Us to NFL Cheerleaders”

by omni

In the world of competitive cheerleading, the All-Stars National competition in Dallas, Texas is a big event on the path to Worlds. But a wrench was thrown into the cheerleaders’ exciting event when Rebel Athletics, a uniform company, announced that the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders would be making a special sponsored appearance. Many cheerleaders and their parents weren’t happy with the announcement, saying that NFL cheerleaders couldn’t be more different from All Star cheerleaders. On the Fierce Board, one parent said, “What the Dallas Cowboys cheerleaders do in their performances is so far removed from all-star cheer or high school/college cheer…” Many other cheerleaders have expressed the same thoughts as this cheerleader, who also commented on the forum, explaining, “I just wish non-cheer people would realize that pro cheer and all star/college/high school cheer are very different entities. … not hating on anyone, not saying one is better/harder than the other, they’re just different.” The statement rings true. While no disrespect to NFL and professional cheerleaders, what All Star, and even high school, cheerleaders do is very different. While NFL cheerleading is by no means “easy,” its focus is more on dance, rather than tumbling and stunting. While professional cheerleaders are flexible, coordinated, and spirited, they do not perform advanced stunts and tumbling. And it’s the stunts and tumbling that arguably transforms cheerleading into a sport–not just an activity. The Dallas Cowgirls do not accurately represent what cheerleading is; rather, they’re just one small portion of what cheerleading can be. As we all know, cheerleading can be dance-focused, spirit-focused, or extremely competitive. Pop Warner cheer is much different from high school cheer which is different from All star cheer. We don’t believe any is “better” than another or more “superior.” All require hard work and learned skills the average non-cheerleader doesn’t possess. We do agree with some of the cheerleaders who aren’t happy with the Cowgirls appearance. If there’s going to be a sponsored appearance, it should be of a cheerleader or cheerleading team that’s within the All Star community; by inviting the Cowgirls, some may think it’s a way of saying what All Star cheerleaders do is the same as NFL cheerleaders. To read the full story, visit The Wire. What do you guys think about this? Do you think the whole argument is silly or would you be unhappy if an NFL cheer team was at your competition?

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