A Note from the Editors

by omni

As a new season approaches, we (the editors) wanted to take a moment to have a chat with all of our readers. Cheerleading season is an amazing time for young athletes, and we can’t wait to report about the hottest issues, and hear about our readers’ journeys this year. For many of you, this is your first fall season and for others, it’s your last. Wherever you are on your cheerleading journey, the road can feel long, and can be tough, but remember that you’ll come out of the experience as a better person and a better athlete; on top of that, you’ll always have a cheer family there by your side through thick and thin. Whether you have already been a part of that family or are brand new members, soak up all the love and support that you can. One day, you’ll find yourself on the brink of graduation and getting ready to say “goodbye’ to your second family. When you look back on the time you spent with them, you don’t want your memories to be filled with drama. Focus on all of your amazing triumphs and obstacles and think back on how far you have come as an individual and as a cheerleader. So many cheerleaders say that cheer is for life and it’s true. Many of the things you learn from cheer can be used throughout school and your career. No matter how many years pass, you’ll never forget your time as a cheerleader. That’s just one more reason to make the most of your experience. Take advantage of the tips we have on the blog for all kinds of cheer issues – from problem solving and social issues to stretches and stunting techniques – and make sure you always work hard to maintain your team spirit. Just like a school subject, you’ve got to study and practice in order to improve and grow. We try our hardest to provide our readers and cheerleaders of all ages and levels with the best and most up-to-date resources and information. We may have started with just blog articles, but over the past five years we’ve grown to include eBooks, polls, contests, videos, social media pages, and even a magazine, all free so everyone has access. We hope we continue to be your favorite resource for cheerleading news and tips. Remember, we love your feedback, whether it’s a comment on a blog post, a question, or a suggestion! Tell us what you want to read, hear, and learn about. Share your incredible stories of teamwork, creative fundraising, or other warm-hearted fuzzies. We’re all ears and always easy to reach at editor@cheerleadingblog.com, on Twitter at @cheerblogeditor, and on Facebook. Spend this season living in every cheer moment you can get your hands on, and have the most incredible season yet! Keep on cheering and always embrace the cheerleading lifestyle. Your Cheerleading Blog editors (and friends), Jessica & Melissa

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