6 Ways to Save on Cheer Uniforms

by omni

Cheerleading uniforms are a cheer cost you can’t just skip. Your uniforms are a vital part of being a cheerleader! You can, however, save a lot of money when it comes to buying cheerleading uniforms. Here’s how: Shop around. This one sounds obvious, but many people go to one cheerleading retailer and don’t look anywhere else. That limits your options and keeps you from finding out if you can get a better deal elsewhere. Be sure to check out multiple cheerleading retailers to make sure you aren’t paying too much for uniforms! Compare retailers. Search by the brand and product name or number of the uniform you are looking at to see if you can find it for less somewhere else. Just type it into the search bar and see what comes up. That way you can rest assured you aren’t paying more than you have to. Find low-price guarantees. Some cheerleading companies offer a lowest price guarantee. This means they guarantee that you won’t be able to find the items they carry for cheaper elsewhere. If companies guarantee this, they will most likely display it on their website or in their catalogs. Buying from a company that guarantees you are getting the lowest price on the uniforms you are ordering will give you peace of mind and help you stick to your budget! Shop deals. Look for promo codes or sales you can take advantage of. The best way to do this is by signing up for retailers’ emails and following them on social media because this is their main way of communicating deals with you. Companies often run sales or promotions that are only announced to their email subscribers or social media fans. By signing up for both, you’ll be in the know and ready to take advantage of good deals. Look for package deals. If you’re going to be ordering more than a uniform skirt and shell top, you can save money with package deals. Packages might include things like shoes, socks, bows, poms, warmups, etc. Buying these items together is often cheaper than buying each item individually, so look for package options online or in catalogs‚ and remember you can always contact a company to ask about package options. Fundraise. Diminish costs for each cheerleader by holding a uniform fundraiser. This could be a unique idea, such as selling pillows made out of old cheerleading uniforms, or a tried-and-true fundraiser like a car wash or bake sale. Another simple and effective option is scratch-off fundraising cards. We’ve talked about the ones from Fun”d”2Raise before because so many squads have had success with them. You ask people to scratch off a section of the card, which reveals the amount they are going to donate. The donation amounts range from $.75 to $3, so some supporters might be willing to scratch off more than one! You can take the fundraising cards door-to-door or walk around with them at an event or in a busy area. The cards only cost $5 each and each completed card brings in $250. If each team member gets one card completed, that should easily cover the cost of his or her uniform! What other tips have helped you save money on cheerleading uniforms?

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