5 Tips For Maintaining Your Cheer Fitness During The Holidays

by omni

The holiday season can wreak havoc on even the most devoted athlete’s fitness plan. As a cheerleader, summer camp and season practices have kept you in shape and on track for your fitness goals through the year. Competition season overlaps the holiday season so cheerleading squads that attend events will still have full out practices, but sideline cheerleaders may find themselves busy and tempted by big meals and desserts. We’ve collected fitness tips from our readers and combined them with our tips to help guide you in sticking to your cheer fitness plans this holiday season. Mulitask Work fitness into your to-do list! If you have to go shopping, park far away from the entrance. If you are waiting for a kitchen timer to go off, do some jumping jacks or curls. Reader Tips: “In my family we have a big open house thanksgiving and Christmas eve. I make it a point to help out from running errands to washing dishes to serving others. I call it my holiday help work out, and it makes my mom and grandma happy.” – Beverly Be Realistic Schedule changes during the holidays are common. Don’t put too much pressure on yourself to keep up with a strenuous plan, especially since your energy level will probably be lower as well. Try to plan for workouts, even if they are short. Doing a short workout a few times a week can add up – and it’s better than not working out at all! Seasonal Activities Raking leaves, shoveling show, sledding and ice skating all count as physical activity! Change up your routine to keep yourself motivated during the holiday season. You can even make family traditions an exercise session by walking to look at holiday decorations in the community instead of driving. Choose Health Drink plenty of water! It will help you feel full and hydrated and reduce your temptation to drink lots of soda or overeat. You should also make it a habit to have healthy snacks prepared and to eat before attending holiday parties so that you don’t stuff yourself with treats. Reader Tip: “My tips to staying healthy are to eat right, and exercise everyday – even if you don’t have team practice scheduled. Just make time to eat healthy snacks and drink a lot of water.” – Shadae BYOE (Bring Your Own Equipment) Worried about keeping up with your fitness because you’ll be traveling over the holidays? Bring fitness with you! Pick up a training and exercise DVD or search for an exercise app for your phone. Then, make sure to bring some small weights and maybe a yoga mat with you when you travel so you can work out whenever and wherever you want!

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