5 Things That You Secretly Love About Your Cheer Coach (Explained in GIFs)

by omni

He or she may be a drill sergeant one second and then the most lovable, amazing best friend you’ve always hoped for the next, but your one thing is clear about your cheer coach: they will always be on your side. Cheer coaches are unique variations of the typical team coach, who tend to be on the quirkier side of life. Although passionate, empathetic, and straight-up intense are some main adjectives to describe cheer coaches, those qualities are just side effects of how much they care about their team‚ which doesn’t come with every sport. And because of their driven and motivating attitude, you are on the road to becoming the best cheerleader you can possibly be. And for that, you secretly love these five things about your cheer coach: 1. If you can’t turn your frown upside down, they will for you. [source: Giphy] Just like the line “there’s no crying in baseball ” from the movie A League of Their Own, there’s no frowning in cheerleading. It’s common knowledge that bad days happen‚ it’s inevitable! But to your cheer coach, bad days are for the non-cheerleading normal folk of the world. And you’re better than that. So, get your smile on! NOW! 2. They’re a walking Walgreens. [source: Giphy] Need bobby pins? Hair spray? BandAids? A snack? Some water? How about some Icy Hot and an ACE bandage? Three ACE bandages? Mints? Glitter? At this point in the season, you’ve come to the conclusion that your coach’s cheer bag is the real-life version of the magical purse in Mary Poppins. There’s probably also a lamp in there, right next to a spoon full of sugar. Oh wait, the sugar is just a Snickers bar. That’ll do just the trick. 3. Their “tough love’ is so adorable, you can’t even be mad. [source: Giphy]You know that your coach wants the routine to be perfect, so when you don’t hit right for the umphteenth millionth time, you also know what’s coming next: The Big Practice Reprimand. Their eyes stretch all big and the vein in their forehead pops out like it’s going to explode and their voice is like thunder raining down upon you, echoing in all directions around the gym‚ but it’s still so cute how hard they’re trying to be! Acting all tough is part of the job, yet you love it because you know they’re nothing but a big softy deep down. At these times, you apologize, get back into your position, and know that your coach will probably give you a big hug in, like, an hour. 4. You’re practicing for a competition or a home game performance, but to them, you’re practicing for the Olympics. [source: Giphy] I mean, maybe on day cheerleading will become an official Olympic sport, but for now, your coach can make it real enough for you every day at practice. “Now, let’s do it full out‚ AGAIN. Pop those motions! Okay, one more time, but this time‚ facials! AGAIN.” Their unfaltering determination may make you exhausted and apt to complain, yet you are completely amused about it at the same time. 5. You wish you could take pictures of their facial expressions and frame them. [source: Giphy] Cheer coaches‚ because they are so emphatic about cheer and all cheer-related things‚ usually react very expressively to what they see and hear, whether it’s related to cheerleading or not. Have you ever realized how animated your coach really is? Try it out: you could say something amazing to them, like you’ve just received a cheer scholarship to an outstanding college, and then watch their face react. Priceless. Or you could nonchalantly say to your coach that you’d rather stay home and watch Netflix all weekend instead of traveling to the competition you’ve been training so hard for‚ their face will no doubt be the best thing you’ve ever seen, but you will definitely be playing with fire with that joke! What other things do you secretly love about your cheer coach? Tell us stories about what makes your coach unique and lovable in the comments below!

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