5 Things Cheer Captains Need to Know

by omni

Being a cheer captain is a huge honor and an even bigger responsibility! Whether you were voted captain by your teammates or appointed by your coach, you should be proud that you are someone with the leadership qualities of a cheer captain. Now, it’s up to you to be the best captain you can be! Here are five things you need to know to be a successful cheer captain: It’s not about your needle. Being a leader isn’t based on skills alone. It’s about personality and how people respond to you. A captain must be a reliable cheerleader when it comes to knowing you will hit, but you don’t have to be the star of the team. A captain is a skilled and capable cheerleader, but she doesn’t have to be an incredible tumbler or flyer. Integrity and reliability are key. (Source: giphy.com) You’re a leader, not the boss. A captain’s job is to guide the squad, not boss everyone around. You will be much less effective if your teammates think you are on a power trip. The best way to earn respect and be an effective captain is to lead with actions, not words. When you do have to give direction, do it constructively as if you’re teaching, not commanding. (Source: tumblr.com) You aren’t the coach. A captain is a vital role on the team, but you don’t take the place of the coach. Don’t put too much responsibility or pressure on yourself, and don’t overstep your position either! Different teams will have different coach-captain dynamics, so just be sure to talk with the coach right away to see what is expected of you. (Source: buzzfeed.com) It’s not all about you. You are there to serve your teammates, not the other way around. It’s a position of honor that you should be proud of, but it means you do more for your teammates, not that they do more for you. Chances are if you were selected as the team captain, you’re not the kind of person who would abuse the position anyway. (Source: weheartit.com) This is not a drill. Find out your role and take it seriously. Maybe you lead the team warmup – lead a good one! Talk to your teammates about what they like to do before practices, games, and competitions, and take that into account. Whatever your tasks are, do everything to excel at them. Remember, even the little things are important and the way you do anything is the way you’ll do everything. As the captain you need to give your all to everything from scheduling rides to choreographing routines and researching team uniforms and warmups. (Source: giphy.com) What do you think cheer captains need to know?

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