5 Reasons Why Cheer Moms are the Absolute Best (in GIFs)

by omni

Where would cheerleaders be without loving (and passionate, and competitive, and quirky) mothers? Cheer moms are a special breed of sport moms: moms who dread watching their littles from the sidelines, preferring to be as involved as possible. Just ask a cheer coach, and they’ll let you know how incorporated moms are when making team decisions (whether their opinion is welcome or not). [Source: Giphy] With mini-vans full of spare glitter, Tiger Balm, and bags of Pixie Stix, cheer moms are always prepared. They are there for you during the good, the bad, and the Ugg boots, season after season. Cheer moms are not only supportive, but they are some of the most eccentric people on the planet. It’s almost as if they live vicariously through their peppy little cheerleaders! They truly do possess a joie de vivre attitude unmatched by many. With everything that cheer moms do, you shouldn’t need a holiday like Mother’s Day to show your appreciation‚ cheer moms deserve love 24/7! In case it slips your mind throughout your cheer season, use this list to serve as a reminder why cheer moms are the absolute best. 1. They walk into Michael’s like it’s Disneyland. [Source: Giphy] A cheer mom might not be an artist, but you better believe that they’re much craftier than the average bear! From homemade bows to affectionate signs for the stands, cheer moms are always in need of art supplies. If they announce they’re ‘swinging by’ Michael’s, that means it’s going to be at least an hour-long excursion‚ possibly an all-dayer during competition season! You don’t mind though, since you’re free to wander the store as you please: you know full well that you’ll find your cheer mom sitting on the ground in the glitter glue aisle hours later. 2. You can never out-yell them. [Source: Giphy] It doesn’t matter if you’re in the loudest, busiest part of town, your cheer mom’s bellowing voice can (and WILL) be heard! With a yell that can cut through any volume of noise, it’s a known fact that cheer moms can cheer louder than other sport moms. It actually blows your mind… since, as cheerleaders, megaphones exist to help you reach that level of loud. 3. They’re always up for after-practice junk food. [Source: Giphy] Maybe it’s the convenience from always running around, or perhaps they can read minds and that’s how they know exactly what you’re craving, but cheer moms are always up for a McFlurry pitstop. Or curly fries. Better yet, let’s just bring pizza to practice. 4. They make their status known. [Source: Giphy] The world has to know the difference between a regular mom and a cheer mom. Cheer moms know all the latest in pop culture and fashion, make life enjoyable between practice and performance, and are not afraid to stand up for their children if they don’t get the spotlight they deserve. They’re a staple of team slumber parties, and never leave the house without being on fleek. Yep, they even know what that means. 5. They’re devotion is undeniable. [Source: Giphy] It doesn’t matter if your gym is across town in rush hour traffic, if their wallet is stretched to the limit, or if their life is permanently put on hold from November to February, cheer moms are in it to win it. Their passion keeps you motivated. Your goals are their goals, and they make sure you’re always on track to become not only a better cheerleader, but a well-rounded, successful young adult. They’re misunderstood by other sport parents (and even more so by their non-cheerleading affiliated friends), but it doesn’t matter. They wouldn’t have it any other way. What else do you love about your cheer mom? What else sets cheer moms apart from other sport moms? Let us know in the comments!

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