5 Must-Haves for Cheer Coaches

by omni

Cheer coaches. What would we do without them? Not cheer, of course! Being a cheer coach isn’t your typical job. A coach is in charge of an entire team and must balance being a teacher and being a friend. We are always in awe of the incredible coaches we hear about, whether they’re helping their squad win first place at a competition or just spreading spirit in the community. If you’re a coach, or know a coach who could use some help, here are five things that can make the job a lot easier: A Planner With so many practices, gym time, games, competitions, fundraising, and events, it is impossible to remember everything. A daily planner can be a lifesaver. To make it even easier, color code by type of event. For example, use pink ink or highlighter for competitions, blue for practice, green for fundraising, and red for important reminders. Passion To survive as a coach, you’ve got to have passion for cheer. It’s not your typical job; it becomes a huge part of your life! You must genuinely enjoy cheer and teaching. If you think your coach is having a bad week, try to cheer him or her up! Your team can surprise him or her with a gift, or take him or her out to dinner. It’s little things like those that can re-inspire coaches and fire up their passion again. Availability As we said before, a cheer coach isn’t a 9-5 job. Between fundraisers, games, practice, and competitions, you’ll be working at all times and days of the week! Plan for a relaxing vacation during the off-season and promise yourself you won’t do anything cheer-related. Assistance It’s impossible to do everything on your own. Ask parents for their help or consider hiring an assistant. You’ll definitely need several pairs of extra hands and eyes when traveling for competitions and attending away games. Resources From cheer magazines to help guides to catalogs, coaches need to stay up-to-date on the latest cheer trends and news, like new uniform fabrics or changing competition rules. Company catalogs let you browse cheer gear wherever you are and you can find out about any specials or discounts. Check out our magazine, CheerLiving, which is free to download. It features a bunch of tips for coaches! Are you a coach? What are your necessities for surviving the seasons?

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