5 Must-Haves for Busy Cheerleaders

by omni

Cheerleaders have to be prepared for anything. Living a cheer lifestyle is fast and furious, requiring cheerleaders to be ready for practice, competitions, travel, school days, and the sidelines‚ usually with little time in between! From the items in a cheer bag to the bag itself, cheerleaders have to accessorize properly in order to have everything they need on hand when they need it. Although some cheerleaders would prefer having a whole store’s inventory at their disposal, there are five main items that all cheerleaders cannot live without: 1. A compartmentalized bag. Longtime cheerleaders know that they need more than five items at all times (although some are more important than others!) Therefore, a cheerleader’s best friend is her choice of bag. Compartmentalized bags with enough sections allow cheerleaders to know exactly where their cheer necessities are when it gets down to crunch time. 2. Glitter. When you’re on the go, you can’t stop to redo or touch up your makeup. Because of such busy schedules, smart cheerleaders carry around with them a couple of different colors of glitter for the quick transitions between school time and cheer time. Plus, a touch of glitter adds glow wherever you go! 3. Snacks. Having to run around from schools to sidelines to social events can deplete a cheerleader’s energy supply, especially if there is no time to eat! In order to stay healthy and happy throughout the year, a cheerleader needs to maintain a well-balanced diet involving fruits and vegetables, carbs, and sugars‚ yes, I said sugars! If you know you have a jam-packed day ahead of you, make sure you pack your cheer bag with yummy snacks from home, such as celery with peanut butter, trail mix, protein bars, or even candy. Just don’t forget to hydrate too! 4. A big, big bow. If you don’t have time to change between school and a social event, nothing says you’re a stylish cheerleader like rocking a jumbo performance bow wherever you go. Bows are totally trending this year, so put your personality in the spotlight by choosing to rep a unique design. Or rotate seven bows for each day of the week. Like I said, bows are so hot right now‚ 5. Support. Cheerleaders are constantly under a lot of pressure, and that goes without saying for both sideline and competitive cheer teams. Stress is hard to deal with, especially when it’s over an activity that you normally enjoy and compounded with other life factors like school, family, friends, and future goals. No matter the age, no matter the level, cheerleaders need a support group to rely on when times get to be too stressful because at the end of the day, cheerleaders do what they do for the love of their sport. If you’re a coach or a parent, this is the most important thing to remember in order to keep your cheerleaders from getting discouraged. Do you think there are other cheerleader must-haves? Tell us in the comments other things you cannot cheer without.

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