5 Instagram Accounts Every Cheerleader Should Follow

by omni

There are more than 150 million Instagram accounts. That’s a lot of #selfie, #nofilter, and #throwbackthursday photos. With so many cheerleaders around the world, there are hundreds of thousands of cheerleading Instagram accounts. Instagram is a great platform for cheerleaders to use; you can easily share images of fun hair and makeup ideas for competitions, advances in flexibility, and even video snapshots of amazingly executed stunts, tumbles, and jumps. But with so many accounts, how can you know who to follow and which ones you’re missing out on? As fans of Instagram, we thought we’d share our five favorite cheer Instagram accounts and why you should follow them too: Chasse. It’s no surprise that this is in our top 5. We love the cheerleading company and its stylish yet affordable cheer gear. On Chasse’s Instagram, you’ll find photos of cheer quotes, favorite products, and candids of everyone’s favorite cheerleaders, like Maddie Gardner and the Superstars of All-Stars, wearing their Chasse gear. It’s great to refer to for outfit inspiration and general spirit boosting. You can follow Chasse at @chassecheer. Holden Ray. He’s one of our favorite cheerleaders and we’re not alone! Holden is one popular cheerleader and for good reason. Not only is he charismatic and friendly, he’s the definition of a true spirited cheerleader. His posts always put a smile on our face and many of them are hilarious, too. You can follow Holden at @holdenray. Cheer Channel. Who doesn’t love Cheer Channel? Their Instagram shares their latest news on upcoming shows and new projects in the works. Cheer Channel also shares hot new products and must-have cheer items. Following Cheer Channel is like having your very own cheer news source on Instagram. You can follow Cheer Channel at @cheerchannel. Luvcheerquotes. Cheerleading quotes. Everyone loves them. Luvcheerquotes has an endless supply of funny, spirited, and oh-so-true quotes about everything cheer. For regular doses of quick quotes and spirit, don’t miss out on Luvcheerquotes. You can follow them at @luvcheerquotes. Cheer Mashup. Last, but certainly not least, Cheer Mashup is a great Instagram account to follow. Find out the latest buzz on Maddie Gardner, new show episodes, candid stunt photos, the latest new products for cheerleaders, and more. Even if you don’t watch the show (but seriously, who doesn’t?), you will definitely want to follow Cheer Mashup. You can follow Cheer Mashup at @cheermashup. Are you on Instagram? Do you follow any of these accounts? Which are your favorites? Comment below!

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