5 Habits of Confident Cheerleaders

by omni

Confidence is an essential quality of a successful cheerleader. Whether you’re trying to make the cheer squad, win a competition, master new skills, or accomplish any other cheerleading goal, you’ll need confidence to get there. Practice these five habits of confident cheerleaders, and you’ll be one yourself in no time: They don’t compare. The single most devastating thing you can do for your confidence is compare yourself to others. First of all, when you compare, you are comparing your true self to someone else’s highlight reel. Think about it. Everyone shows off their accomplishments, but no one is eager to expose the many times they failed on their way to that accomplishment. You don’t see that part of people, so your comparisons are incomplete and inaccurate. Confident cheerleaders know that the only person they need to beat is themselves. It’s a cliche, but only because it’s so true. You are your only competition. They have a strong support system. You might think this is out of your control, but it’s not. Confident cheerleaders surround themselves with people who support them. Anyone who tears you down, doesn’t believe in you, and isn’t supportive of your passion isn’t someone you need to spend significant amounts of time with. Confident cheerleaders know this. It is not up to anyone else to make you feel confident. That’s your job, but your close friends and family need to support you in it. They choose their friends wisely. Just as confident cheerleaders surround themselves with people who support them, they are also intentional about who they hang out with. It’s often said that you become like the five people you spend the most time around. Confident cheerleaders are drawn to like-minded people. Their closest friends probably aren’t the ones skipping practice or getting into trouble at school. They have their eyes on their goals, and their friends may be different than them, but they have similar personality traits when it comes to working hard and holding themselves to high standards. They work really hard. True confidence isn’t a personality type or an attitude you try on now and then. Confidence comes from hours of practice. When you step on the floor, you feel confident not because you are naturally good, not because you are lucky, but because you’ve been there thousands of times on your own, with no one watching, working on the skills you are about to perform now. You feel confident because it’s second nature. It’s second nature because you put in the work. They get in the zone. As All Star cheerleader Hope Bravo says in this inspiring video about confidence from Chasse, “We always get nervous, but once we’re out on the floor, we own it.” Even the most experienced cheerleaders get nervous before performances, but they know how to switch gears and put their game face on when the time comes. No matter what, confident cheerleaders can focus on getting the job done and push their fear and doubt away so it doesn’t stop them from accomplishing the task at hand. What other habits of confident cheerleaders have you noticed?

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