5 Dreamy (and Totally Unrealistic) Camp Locations

by omni

For 99% of cheerleading squads, cheer camp isn’t glamorous. But, we can all dream of fancy cheer camps, right? We say it’s totally okay. Take a minute to day dream with us as we share our top five picks for the ultimate cheer camp setting: A Private Island. How about an island just for your cheerleading team to practice at? You’d experience some major team bonding and you’d never have to worry about another team stealing one of your cheers. When you’ve finished an exhausting workout or practice, you’d be just a few steps away from the ocean where you could cool off and take a swim. A nap with the sounds of the waves in the background sounds pretty amazing right now, too. A Day Spa. Okay, you probably wouldn’t get a lot done here, but you could definitely bond with your team during a group massage or pedicure. You could spend part of the day training and the other half relaxing. And, just think: when you start cheering on the sidelines in the fall, you’ll have the prettiest pedicure no one can see (but your cheer shoes will appreciate it!). A Hotel. Near Disneyland. At a hotel, you’d get amazing food anytime you want it, thanks to room service. After a long day’s practice, nothing sounds better than a big breakfast arriving at your door the next morning. I’ll have the blueberry pancakes, please. And if the hotel is right near Disneyland, your team could celebrate by riding on Space Mountain and shopping at Downtown Disney. You can think if it as a practice run before Worlds next year at Disney World. A Yoga Retreat. Cheerleaders can majorly benefit from yoga. It not only improves flexibility and is a great way to stretch, it also teaches students how to remain cool and calm. This is a must for cheerleaders who are busy competing and performing year-round. At a Ranch. Some of you may be thinking, “eww, gross!” But having camp at a ranch would allow your team to get in tune with nature and do some hard, manual labor. By the end of the summer, you’ll be the tannest and strongest cheerleaders out there. What’s your dream camp location?

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