5 Confessions of a Sideline Cheer Parent (in GIFs)

by omni

Being a cheer parent is a major commitment. You may not have realized when your child initially approached you to join their school’s cheer team that it was going to take up all of your free time. And, continually chip away at your bank account! Cheerleading isn’t just an activity, it’s a lifestyle‚ and little did you know that you’d end up just as invested in it as your child. Now that the season is underway, you’ve become a cheer expert, with fire in your heart every time your cheerleader takes the sidelines! If being a cheer parent were a paid gig, you’d already be up for a promotion (or five)! Bravo to being able to juggle your life with all of the cheer events on the calendar, and more. Bravo to motivating your child to be the best cheerleader they can be. And, bravo to embracing cheerleading for everything it’s worth. Now that you’re aware of how essential and appreciated you are, we know deep down that you’ve had to face some harsh realities as a sideline cheer parent. Any of these seem familiar? Confession #1: The Stunt Scare [Source: Giphy] You love your child. You will do anything to keep them safe from harm. And, when you gave them the A-OK to join a cheer team, you thought they would be waving pom-poms and pumping up crowds during school games. You did NOT expect THIS. Wait, how is that stunt allowed at school?? Confession #2: You Officially Love/Hate Glitter [Source: Giphy] You’ve been bitten by the cheer bug, and now nothing can be “too’ glittery in your eyes. However, this stuff gets ALL OVER YOUR HOUSE. And, your CAR. And, your SOUL. You’re finding glitter on more and more random household objects, like the vacuum cleaner, the toilet, or the ice cube trays. Even the dog sparkles. Nothing is safe!! Confession #3: Out-Cheering Other Parents [Source: Giphy] All the parents that line the stands are cheering for this play or that drive, and you sit in silence. But, the minute that the next cheer starts, you’re on your feet, yelling louder than anyone there. And, as the crowd disperses for halftime, you’re front and center, whooping after every tuck and tumble in your cheerleader’s routine! GO FIGHT WIN!!! Confession #4: Announcer Annoyance [Source: Giphy] OK, announcer guy, either ask my kid how they feel soon or stop announcing altogether. You’ve asked every other cheerleader down there how they feel, and nobody cares. I swear, you better‚ oh yes, you did it!! Ohhh, look at how amazing my little cheerleader is!! Now, was that so extremely hard, announcer?!? EVERY TIME. EVERY. SINGLE. TIME. Confession #5: You Want a Redo [Source: Giphy] With your child already a teenager, it seems like your high school days were a couple lifetimes ago‚ but watching your child have so much fun with cheerleading makes you long for a redo. Why didn’t you tryout for the cheer team back in the day? What were you thinking?? Scientists can’t be that far off from inventing a working time machine in this day and age. ANY time now‚ Do you recognize any of these GIFs? Are you a sideline cheer parent with confessions that didn’t make the list? Spill your secrets in the comments!

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