5 Closet Essentials for Cheerleaders

by omni

A lot goes into cheerleading, from hours of practice and important character traits to great coaches and good cheer gear. When it comes to a cheerleaders’ closet though, there are some things you just have to have. Here are the five closet essentials for cheerleaders: Cheer socks. Every athlete has a lucky pair of socks, and cheerleaders are no different. Rumor has it that some athletes don’t wash their socks during a winning streak, but luckily for cheerleaders, cheer socks have cool designs that make them special‚ we don’t have to wear dirty socks for good luck. Seriously though, even if you get ankle cheer socks that don’t show much over your shoes, you still know they’re there and feel extra spirited and confident just wearing them. It’s a cheer thing. Bows. Technically you don’t grow out of your cheer bows like you might your shoes or practice wear, but you still need new ones every year because cheer companies come out with new bow styles every year that aren’t in your closet yet. Parents don’t always understand this, but it’s true. You just need more cheer bows! Plus, there’s now a cool and helpful bow organizer to help you keep your bows in one place to protect and display them, so your parents can’t use not having enough space or being too messy as an excuse to limit your bow collection. Cheer shoes. Serious cheerleaders have serious cheer shoe game. They keep their cheer shoes clean and protected. One way they accomplish this is by having two pairs of shoes‚ one for practice and one for games or competitions. That way one is always clean and ready to go, but you can practice full-out in your other pair without worrying about scuffing them, getting them dirty, or wearing them out. Spandex. When you’re jumping, stunting, and tumbling, you want fitted performance practice wear. And when you’re doing this most days out of the week, you need lots of them. Spankies, sports bras, tank tops, capris, you name it and cheerleaders have it in their closets. Comfortable warmups. It’s already been established that cheerleaders need clothes that aren’t restrictive. That’s why they love fitted spandex clothing. Well, sometimes gyms are freezing cold when you first start practice or maybe you have to cheer at a cold, rainy football game. Cheerleaders are all-weather athletes, and a good pair of warmups that keep you warm but are also comfortable and flexible enough to actually cheer in are a must. What are your closet essentials?

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