4 Ways to Give Back to Your Teammates

by omni

The friendships you build through cheerleading will prove to be some of the best, most enduring relationships of your life. You have been through so many ups and down together and seen each other at your best, worst, and everywhere in between. You spend your time together even outside of the gym because no one gets you like they do! You will always be close friends, but you probably won’t always be able to spend so much time together. So when you are thinking of ways to give back at games or in the community, don’t forget to give back to your teammates too! Here are some ways you can show your appreciation for your teammates: 1. Cheer them on! The team only succeeds when everyone succeeds, so be each other’s biggest fans. Don’t let gossip or jealousy seep into your bond. It’s OK to be disappointed if you don’t get a position or part in the routine you wanted, but don’t let that keep you from always wanting the best for your team and teammates. (Source: Tumblr.com)2. Talk them up. The only thing better than someone saying something nice to you is hearing that someone said something nice about you. You know they meant it and weren’t just trying to be nice. So be sure to tell your teammates when they do a good job, but say good things about each other to other teammates, too. This way, you can start a culture of positivity and appreciation in your team, which will build trust and confidence. 3. Look for ways to help. Is one of your teammates struggling with a subject that comes easy to you? Have her over for a study party! Maybe one of your teammates is having trouble adjusting to a new team or school or has a problem at home. You don’t have to directly talk about sensitive situations, but reach out and show her you care. Maybe you can have a team slumber party, invite her to go to the mall or movies with you and some other teammates, or even stick a nice note in her locker telling her she is a great addition to your team. (Source: Tumblr.com)4. Surprise them! Maybe not everyone likes surprises, but everyone definitely likes gifts. Show your teammates you were thinking about them and value their friendship by making cookies for after practice or getting them something inexpensive like matching mini bow keychains to put on your cheer bags or backpacks. (Source: Tumblr.com) What other ways can you think of to give back to your teammates?

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