4 Tips for Adjusting to the New Semester

by omni

Thinking about the end of your winter break is no fun, but, on the bright side, you have new classes to look forward to when you get back! Even if your classes won’t change when you go back to school in January, this break will have been like hitting the reset button. You’ll be rested, refreshed, and ready to go! Follow these four tips to help you get back in the swing of things and adjust to a new year and new classes. Get organized. You probably have papers strewn around aimlessly in folders and binders or crumpled in the back of your locker or the bottom of your backpack. Clean them up and sort them out. Then get a system in place to keep your stuff together throughout the next semester. Either reassign old folders and binders or get new ones, label them, and make sure you use them! Taking the extra second to put your papers into the right folder will make your life easier further into the school year. Know your schedule. Whether you use a planner or a phone app, write down your classes, assignments, and tests, as well as other commitments, like cheer practice, games, and competitions. This will help you prioritize your time and keep track of all your activities. That way when you have a big test the morning after a cheer competition, you’ll see that in advance and know to study earlier in the week. This will minimize stress and help you succeed in both cheer and school. Pay attention. The more you listen and comprehend the material in class, the less time you will have to spend studying for exams later. A quick run through your notes may be all it takes to prepare you, as opposed to hours of studying and learning things you missed the first time. Ask for help. You aren’t expected to be a whiz at every subject. If a subject is difficult for you, don’t hesitate to ask the teacher to further explain something to you or see if a friend can study with you. What helps you adjust to new classes?

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