4 Things You Secretly Love About Traveling With Your Team

by omni

As a cheerleader, you’re used to being bussed to and from all sorts of activities and team events. You may be only headed to the next school over, but any outing with your team can be stressful‚ especially for the coaches! The same protocol applies to every team travel excursion: don’t move around the bus, no wandering at rest stops, try your best to not give your coach a migraine‚ but as mundane as it sounds, you secretly love every minute of it! You nonchalantly board the bus each time, brimming with undisclosed excitement, and wait to get rolling onto your next cheer destination. For all traveling cheerleaders everywhere, these are the four things you secretly love the most: 1. This is quality BFF time. To your coach, traveling is the time to keep track of everyone on your team, prevent any and all unsafe measures, and to pray that nothing disastrous and unforeseen happens between Point A and Point B. So, chances are they’re too busy to deter you from catching up with your cheer besty the whole bus ride long. Now, you’re pretty inseparable with your best friend already, considering you got to school together and you cheer together. But, during school and cheer practice, there’s hardly any hangout time due to the fact you’re always focused on your studies and routines. On the bus, however, it’s a whole different ballgame: it’s just you, your best friend, and the open road for hours. 2. You feel like a celebrity. Speaking of the open road, what’s cooler than having your own personal driver take you to every cheer destination? Okay, granted the bus driver isn’t “your’ driver, but it’s still cool to pretend that you have your own personal chauffeur. Plus, with your whole team decked out in matching warmups, you feel like a true professional athlete every time you deboard the bus. You’ve also secretly rehearsed your response just in case your bus gets swarmed with paparazzi, “oh, no, no pictures, pleas? It gives you peace of mind. Cheerleaders are known for having overbooked schedules and to go full out in everything they do. Because you’re so busy, traveling with your team gives you a much-needed break from the constant hustle. You find yourself often looking out over the open fields out the bus window, or all the people commuting around in rush hour traffic, and remind yourself to enjoy the little things in life as it passes by. It’s an odd form of meditation, but it totally gets you all the rest and relaxation you need before you’re back to the grind. 4. This is when the stories happen. With the exception of cheer camp, traveling gives your team a chance to have a little fun! Cheerleading is fun as it is, but on the bus is where you can really cut loose and just be yourself. Take a moment to think about all the funny things that has happened on your squad‚ how many of them occurred while you were traveling? Traveling is the best excuse to spend time bonding with your team, and make some amazing inside jokes while you’re at it! What other things do you love about traveling with your team? Share your travel stories in the comments below!

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