4 Things to Never Do at a Community Event

by omni

As a cheerleader, it’s important to not only engage your community, but also to be a perfect representative of your team as you do. Cheerleaders are respectful, positive, honest, and helpful, among many other adjectives that make up a cheer team’s core values. Under no circumstance should a cheerleader be vulgar or disrespectful to members of their community, especially if they are wearing their team uniform at a community event. If you happen to find yourself at a crossroads of dignity and disrespect, make sure you remember these four things before you act: Don’t pout. Now, everyone knows that bad days happen; it’s inevitable and bound to put you in a sour mood at the most inconvenient of times. Luckily, cheerleaders know exactly how to pep each other up just as much as they do for a crowd! If you start to sulk, lean on your teammates. Tell them the details of what happened earlier that put you in this funk, and you can bet that they will start trying to turn your frown upside down almost immediately! Also, make sure you let your coach know. Once your team is aware of the situation, they can not only tread lightly, but also continually try to cheer you up before anyone in the community starts to wonder or worry. Don’t be a wallflower. You are a cheerleader for a reason‚ to shine! If you’re attending a community event (again, especially if you are in your uniform), make sure you participate. If the event is for a cause, get attendees happy that they came to help and excited to donate. Ask the event hosts if you can set up anything or sign up for clean-up duty, or if they have any loose ends to tie up before the event starts that you can take care of for them. The more you lend a helping hand, the more recognition your squad gets for future endeavors‚ like a team fundraiser! Being in a community means that you must be reciprocal: what goes around comes around, so get going! Don’t use foul language. You may be off of school grounds, but you’re certainly not out of the public eye by any means! The last thing your coach wants is to hear that one of her cheerleaders has caused someone offense from cursing. Cheerleaders are supposed to be role models, and using foul language in an inappropriate venue is the fastest way to get into trouble with your coach, your school, or even your parents. So, set a good example for others by being polite and proper in both manner and talk. Don’t bash another school. Even if you’re a cheerleader in a small town and your school is the only one for miles in any direction, it still isn’t okay that you badmouth another school or team in public. You may have a rival school, and competition is all in good fun at a sporting event, but off the field is another story. You should promote athleticism, teamwork, and good sportsmanship over trash talking. Now, if you’re attending a community event where another cheer team is trying to start trouble by bashing your school first, just walk away. Let their coach deal with the repercussions of their actions, and definitely let your coach know if they keep insulting your team throughout the event. By not joining in, it’ll make your team look like the bigger, more mature cheerleaders in the end. What else is do you think you should never do at a community event? What things do you think you should do? Let us know in the comments!

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