3 Tips to Help You Adjust to New Team Goals

by omni

The whole point of setting goals is to eventually reach them, but once you do, you can’t just sit around patting yourselves on the back. That’s when it’s time to set new team goals! Adjusting to new team goals can be hard though. For so long you’ve been focused on one set of goals, and now you have a whole new purpose. Follow these three tips to help you adjust: Take some time. Part of the difficulty in adjusting to new goals is the mental and emotional exhaustion of having just crossed the finish line on your other goals. It’s hard to get excited and fully throw yourself behind new ones right away. So take some time. Celebrate your accomplishments, whether it’s just by taking a day to let it all sink in or having a squad dinner or party to celebrate. Choose your new goals carefully. Think about what your new goals should be and discuss them as a team. Knowing the reason behind and purpose for these goals will help motivate you to achieve them. Create a plan of attack. Knowing how you’re going to achieve your goals will make them feel less overwhelming. Plus, goals themselves aren’t going to get you anywhere. You need to plan how you are going to make them happen. Be specific! This might mean starting daily or weekly habits that will help you achieve the goals. You might also need to set short-term benchmarks along the way to track your progress and ensure you are on track to hit your goal. If your squad doesn’t set these as a group, consider setting your own personal ones that will help you reach the team goal. This will give you both peace of mind as you adjust to the new goals and a better chance of reaching them. What helps you adjust to new team goals?

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