3 Signs It’s Time to Replace Your Gear

by omni

Everyone loves getting new cheer gear, but it’s also important to stick to a budget and prioritize what you really need. Keeping your cheer gear up-to-date will help you stay safe and be the best cheerleader you can be. Here are three signs it’s time to replace your gear: Your clothes have holes. This might be a good look for the beach, but keep holey clothes out of the gym. Holes in your clothes are a safety hazard for you and your teammates. If your teammates brush against you and get a finger caught in a hole in your shirt or shorts, they could break a finger or even drop you or lose their balance and pull you down with them. This is especially relevant to stunting, but worn-out clothing is a risk even when you’re side-by-side performing routines. Your clothes don’t fit. Clothing that is too loose can cause the same problems as above. That is why cheer practice wear is different than other sports’ practice wear. You don’t want to put yourself or your teammates at risk of getting their hands caught in excess clothing, so stick to fitted practice wear. The soles of your shoes are worn. We probably don’t have to tell you that if the sole of your shoe separates under your toes, creating a flap, you’ve got a problem. But your shoes could need replacing even before such an obvious sign. The grip could wear off, the seams could split, or the cushioning could flatten. If you notice your feet starting to hurt, replace your shoes because one of these things has likely happened. Luckily, good cheer shoes don’t have to break the bank. By looking out for these three things and replacing your practice wear and shoes when it’s time, you’ll set your team up for success.

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