3 Mind Tricks to Overcome Second Semester Senior-itis

by omni

It happens to some degree to every single senior: that sense of coasting along now that second semester has arrived. The temperature is warming up for summertime, social activities are beginning to line your calendar, and all you can think about is how you’re finally in the home stretch of your high school career. Well, the problem with this mindset is that hits a little too soon for a lot of students, and before the spring semester even starts, you’ve already mentally checked out of school. Instead of ending strong, your grades take an unexpected dip as a result of “senior-itis’ and you can even get held back from graduating! To avoid sabotaging your future at the last minute, there are three things for seniors to keep in mind in order to fight off temptation and finish the year with flying colors. Show up. It sounds so simple, but when the mall or the beach or the mountain or the mere thought of being in school makes you want to bail, that’s a sure sign you’ve come down with a wicked case of senior-itis. You’ve made it so far already; you can head to school every morning on time for just a little bit longer. The last thing your school administration staff wants to do is hold a senior back from graduating based off their poor attendance. So as long as you show up to class, chances are you’re going to be graduating‚ even with mediocre grades! Try your best to achieve good grades anyway, especially if you have college lined up in the fall because your GPA matters all the way until the end. Keep yourself busy. Seniors are not the only ones to blame when it comes to second semester slacking‚ teachers do it just as much! Now, don’t get me wrong: there’s always that one 12th grade teacher that feels they have to challenge their students to the fullest extent up until graduation day, so be warned! But the rest of the school administration usually displays a pretty lax attitude toward seniors on their way out, and the homework tends to lessen as the calendar creeps towards May. Because of a lighter workload, the temptation to skip school rises, and senior-itis urges become harder to ignore. Don’t give up now! If your teachers aren’t delivering enough of a challenge for you, then challenge yourself with a spring project to keep yourself mentally acute and occupied. Whether you want to start on a DIY prom project, an artsy goodbye present for your high school bestie, or an early college/career initiative, do something with your free time to counter the amounting boredom. You will thank yourself that you did in retrospect, and have a sweet keepsake too! Don’t be afraid to say “no “. Again, your social life is probably taking off to new heights. You most likely have a full schedule between cheer activities and senior class engagements, but you somehow want to still make an appearance at parties, bonfires, and more. Instead of attending everything, it is best to choose the events you actually want to go to versus what you think you have to go to. Getting enough sleep and taking care of yourself are the most important things in life, but doing so is the key to wrapping up senior year the right way. So, if you find yourself facing a group of friends beckoning you off campus at lunchtime or an early morning text to meet at the mall on a school day, it’s better to say “no ” than regret ditching for no good reason. Pick and choose what’s best for you, and feel good about your decisions when you are finally handed that diploma! In what other ways can you battle senior-itis? What other things can you watch out for during second semester senior year? Let us know what you think in the comments below.

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