3 Activities To Spread Cheer in Your Community

by omni

Cheerleaders are prime people to spread cheer around the holidays‚ mainly because they do it all year long anyway! Although the holidays stand for a great time of year to spend time with your nearest and dearest, and also a time to spend with others in your community. Holidays are a time of year when people might get very busy and stressed out, so it is nice if there are people around to help remind everyone what the season is truly about. Therefore, cheerleaders (being particularly peppy) are perfect holiday protagonists to easily pick up the spirits of anyone in need! Try these three festive activities around your community to spread some cheer and have some fun while you’re at it! 1. Go Cheer Caroling. You don’t have to be a rock star to sing, and everyone loves carolers around the holidays! Get your team together for a community sing-along for an hour or two walking around your school’s neighborhood‚ just make sure that you stay safe, stick together, and get your cheer coach or another adult to chaperone. Make the excursion even more fun by wearing ugly Christmas sweaters or incorporating cheers in between the traditional tunes. With all your merry voices in unison, you’ll be able to put a smile on anyone’s face that hears you. If you don’t want to walk around in the cold, arrange a caroling visit with a local hospital or retirement home. 2. Arrange a Holiday Selfie Scavenger Hunt. It sounds just like what it is: searching around your community to find festive holiday people to take selfies with, and the group that finishes the selfie search list first wins! To do this, you need to first get two groups together‚ whether that be your siblings, your teammates, or your friends‚ and make a list of all the holiday scavenger hunt items both teams have to find to win. For example, someone dressed in all red and green, another person walking a dog in a Christmas sweater, or someone that’s celebrating Baby’s First Christmas. Lawn decorations can definitely be included as well! Just remember to be respectful by asking permission for your selfies, tell people that your scavenger hunt is supposed to spread holiday cheer, and be safe as you go! 3. Host the Winter Olympics. If you feel more adventurous, see if you can gather your community together in a park or local recreation center for a day of fun exercises, like a potato-sack race or a baton relay! If you live in a colder area, you could host a community ice skating event at your local ice rink, with activities that are Winter Olympic-themed, like curling, broom-ball, or just plain ice skating! Take it up an extra notch by hosting an opening ceremony and hand out awards to the winners that place first, second, and third. An event like this would keep your community members too busy with good times to be stressed out about other things. Plus, doing this also gives you the added bonus of exercise, which counters all the calories in holiday treats! There are endless other ways to spread holiday cheer in your community, and the whole point is to get creative. Who knows‚ maybe the activity you end up choosing could get such a huge response, it could happen every year! Whatever you decide to do, just remember to incorporate safety measures to keep the activity fun and do it for the sake of uplifting others. How do you spread cheer in your community? Have you done a holiday activity for your community that’s gotten a big response? Let us know in the comments below!

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