2013 Predictions: Spoilers Ahead (Or Not, We Could Be Way Off)

by omni

What We Hope Will And Won’t Be A Reality For Cheer And More In 2013 How Will The Year In Cheer Play Out? 1.) The year will be unpredictable. Cheerleading is a progressive sport, with a creative and driven community. You never know what will happen, but you know it is going to be great! 2.) The “is it a sport?” debate will rage on. Will it ever end? We hope so. The most immediate and impactful result of cheerleading not being a sport is the absence of regulations, which lead to more and more catastrophic injuries each year. 3.) Safety will be THE issue of the year. The risks involved in cheerleading are immense, and unfortunately the rate of injury is on the rise. Check out the National Cheer Safety Foundation for all the latest information and reports on injuries, and how to prevent them. Cheerleading injuries are, rightfully so, receiving increased media attention, and medical experts are calling for across-the-board regulations to be put in place. 4.) The fashions of cheer will continue to evolve. As cheerleading becomes a hybrid of sideline and competitive performances, cheer apparel companies like Chasse stay committed to offering classic uniform options, while adding updated fabrics and styles that accommodate advanced stunting and tumbling. We’ve gotten a peek at the new collection of uniforms, warmups, accessories and practice wear from Chasse, and we are loving the designs! And just for fun… Things that won’t happen Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel won’t be having a baby this year because, in case you haven’t heard, he is getting ready to (finally!) release a highly anticipated new album! Things that we DO hope happen Khloe Kardashian finally gets pregnant. It’s the perfect time since the family is already growing, and the girl has been trying forever. We’re crossing our fingers for Khloe and Lamar – this will be their year! Jen Aniston gets married and starts a family. Who isn’t hoping for this? Things we know are happening, that we think will be awesome The new lineup of Cheer Channel, Inc. shows will be launching throughout the year, with season 2 of Secret Diary of an American Cheerleader set to air soon, as well as Cheer Mashup with Maddie Gardner. They have a ton of other shows in the works, and we know they are working hard on them. Can’t wait to see them! Hunger Games: Catching Fire. The second film in the trilogy is set to be released this fall and we Can. Not. Wait. JenLaw is amazing, and we hear the midnight show on opening night calling our name!

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