2013 Cheerleading Blog Sneak Peek

by omni

The new year is moving right along, and Cheerleading Blog is starting off strong! We’ve got a whole year of exciting blog articles planned for you, and we’re committed to covering breaking cheerleading news as it happens throughout the year. We’ve got plenty of reasons for you to become a frequent visitor, including monthly contests, polls, answers to your cheerleading questions and tips from our readers. If that isn’t enough to make you a loyal reader of Cheerleading Blog, check out these topics that we’re going to be covering in 2013! January, February and March To kick off 2013 we’ll be covering all the angles of losing, exploring some cheerleading myths, asking “what is cheerleading?”, reviewing cheer shoes and diving in to fundraising! April, May and June As Spring 2013 gets underway, we’ll be helping coaches prepare for the upcoming season, easing the minds of first-time cheerleaders, running a special series for seniors, covering all the need-to-knows about cheerleading gear, helping parents survive the summer and dishing out tips for cheer captains. We’ll also be giving you previews of the new Omni Cheer and Campus Teamwear catalogs, featuring Chasse cheerleading apparel and Glitterbug performance makeup! July, August and September Summertime, 2013! As the year heats up, our editors will prepare you for the upcoming season and school year, give you spirit tips and help you overcome rivalries, discuss changes to team dynamics and get some competition makeup tips from Glitterbug! October, November and December As the year winds down, the cheerleading competition season is just getting started! We review competitions and share our tips, continue all of our new 2013 blog features and prepare to review the year in cheer!

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