16 Amazingly Unique Things About the Class of 2016

by omni

Congratulations seniors, you’ve made it! It’s time to leave high school behind and move on to bigger and brighter things. The whole world is your oyster, and your bucket list is no doubt overflowing with possibilities. It’s extraordinary enough that you’re graduating, but there are probably things that you don’t know about your own class. So, before you go and write your final goodbyes in your classmates’ yearbooks, here are 16 things about the Class of 2016 that make you even more incredible: 2016 stands as the first time Brazil will host the Olympic Games. Witness the event for yourself by tuning into the Summer Olympics in Rio de Janiero this August! You have lived in three decades, two centuries, and two millennia‚ and you’re not even 20 years old yet! That’s quite a feat! Earth’s population has more than doubled (from 3.14 billion to 7.3 billion) over the last 50 years, since the graduating Class of 1966. As you upload graduation selfies, you should know that only 20 million Americans used the internet 20 years ago, spending an average of only 30 minutes online a month! Over 313 million people in America use the internet today, who spend an average of 27 hours a month online. The Class of 1996 would’ve posted a sad Facebook reaction face to this news. You were most likely born the same year Taco Bell invented the slogan “think outside the bun “. Chalupas have never been the same. Seniors, what’s your catchphrase? You’re the first Class of ’16 that knows what a “Sweet 16′ is. Those soirees have only been around for around 75 years, so hope you took advantage of yours! Furbies were the #1 selling toy the year you were born. Can you imagine how scary that would be if you could remember snuggling up to one of those creepy things?? 2016 is the first year that mobile electronics outnumber the amount of people on the planet. That’s a lot of cellphones! The invention of the light switch celebrates its 100th birthday as you graduate! Aren’t you glad you’re not the Class of 1916?! Netflix is as old as you are. It’s been 25 years since the band Nirvana dropped their Nevermind album, right in time to rock the graduating Class of 1991. You are the first graduating class since MTV named you the “Founders Generation’ rather than just lumping everyone into a giant “Millennial’ category. Do you agree with that label? 18 years ago, most likely in your birth year, Apple unveiled the first iMac computer. They have become a staple of electronics ever since. If your name is Jacob or Emily, it’s because they were the most popular baby names of 1998. It’s been 30 years since graduates in the Class of 1986 watched Mike Tyson win his first boxing title and become the youngest heavyweight champion of the world. Since you were born, the American high school graduation rate has jumped 10 percentage points, to an all-time high of 81%! You are officially the most graduated class in the history of the United States! Congratulations, Class of 2016, you did it! What other things make the Class of 2016 unique? Comment with your fun facts, and we will share it!

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