13 Things We Love About Cheerleading

by omni

In no particular order, here are 13 things that we love about cheerleading. There are more, of course, but we had a deadline to meet so we couldn’t post them all! 1.) Bases. Often overlooked in popular culture, but much appreciated by cheerleading squads and stunt groups! Bases keep their flyers safe, even often times at their expense of getting minor injuries themselves. They can forever list “used to catch people” on their resume. 2.) Flyers. They get thrown in the air, where they do flips, and then get caught by their teammates. That pretty much defines “awesome.” 3.) Parents. Fee-payers, ride-givers, ultimate supporters. Behind every athlete is a parent who loves and motivates them. We couldn’t do it without you! 4.) Coaches. Leadership is one of the most important elements of a cheerleading squad. The coaches are a team’s strength, motivation and inspiration. That is a lot to live up to, but we see it happen every day. Next time you see your coach, give them a random, heartfelt “thank you.” 5.) The Fierceness. Is this our favorite thing? This might be our favorite thing. It is so wonderful to see athletes that are able to be strong and confident, while still supporting other teams and their competition. That fierceness is a cheerleader’s golden ticket‚ it makes them better athletes, and will help them succeed later in life also! 6.) The Music. Those beats. That voiceover battle call. The 8-count. We always find ourselves wanting more cheer music! 7.) The Fashion. From classic cheerleading uniforms to updated metallic stretch styles‚ we love them all. Cheer apparel goes beyond just uniforms though‚ there are entire collections of sportswear dedicated to cheerleading! There are shoes, socks, bags, warm ups, and more designed with cheerleaders in mind. 8.) Health. Cheerleaders train hard, and their health reflects that! We love seeing girls that are fit and healthy, no matter their size, and the confidence that it give them in their performances and in their everyday life. 9.) The Memories. From summer camp to spirit week to competitions, cheerleaders make life-long friends and lasting memories. It’s great to grow up with all of the cheer activities helping you define yourself! 10.) Hair Bows. The bigger, the better! We love cheer bows, but what we love even more is how much YOU love them. You hang them from your ceiling, from your car’s visor mirror, on your backpacks, on your walls…anywhere they will fit! Bows are a great memento from a performance or season, and they can even be upcycled and kept forever! 11.) The Community. Cheerleaders don’t just support their teams‚ they support their communities and causes, big and small, all over the world. From the sideliners to the All Stars to the pro cheerleaders, making a difference is always on the to-do list. 12.) The Controversy. Every time someone says that cheerleading isn’t a sport: it makes us work harder. Every time a cheerleader suffers a major injury: we fight harder to create standard regulations. Every time someone wastes their time debating the merits of cheerleading: we hit the floor to say with performance what words can never convey. Keep pushing. Keep fighting. Keep watching us overcome. 13.) The Legacy. Several presidents, public figures, and major social influencers have something in common: They were cheerleaders! Cheerleading, like any other sport, teaches its athletes major life skills, and helps them reach their goals. Leave us a comment to let us know what you love most about cheerleading!

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