12 Cheer Tryouts Dos and Don’ts

by omni

Tryout season means we give endless advice on how to rock your tryout (even if you didn’t ask for it!). We’ll get right to the good stuff: what you should and shouldn’t do when preparing for cheer tryouts. DON’T wait until the last minute to start training for tryouts. Start stretching and exercising months ahead of time. DO ask current cheerleaders and/or the coach for advice on what to focus on and what you should know on the big day. DON’T try to teach yourself advanced tumbling moves. You could end up seriously injuring yourself. DO focus on cheer basics, like standard motions and stances, and stretching to build up your flexibility. DON’T force the splits or other moves that require flexibility. The splits take time! DO give yourself enough time to build up your stamina, flexibility, and balance. These three are key skills cheerleaders need. DON’T be afraid to show your personality during tryouts. You can even show your spirit by wearing a cheer bow! DO wear the right clothes to tryouts — practice shorts and a tank or tee that is form fitting, as well as white athletic shoes. DON’T mumble or act shy during your tryout (even if you’re feeling nervous or shy!). DO speak loudly and coherently, all while maintaining a smile. DON’T ask the coach if you made the team multiple times after tryouts. You’ll find out soon enough! DO ask the coach when the final decision will be made or when you should expect to hear the results.

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