17 Exciting Ways To Recycle Your Cheerleading Bows

by omni

If you are like most cheerleaders, you probably have too many jumbo and sequin hair bows to count! Untie your bows and reuse the layers of ribbon! Celebrate Earth Day with these great ideas that will help you recycle your old cheerleading bows into a unique piece of art or fashion that you can keep for yourself, gift to a coach or teammate, or donate to your team so they can sell it for their fundraising efforts. Most cheerleading bows can easily be unraveled for reuse. Just snip and remove the middle piece of ribbon, and you should be able unwrap and separate the layers of ribbon to get them ready for recycling! Sew the ribbon onto a purse or bag to transform it into a personal statement! Wrap the ribbon around a heart-shaped wall decor piece to make it stand out! Attached the ribbon to a piece of cardboard and use it as a bookmark. You can even use colored glue to write your initials or team name on the ribbon. Tie the ribbon to the top of a team ornament to complete the memory! Tie all of the bows on a wreath frame and you’ll have the most unique wreath on the block! Use strips of all your different ribbons to make a piece of art! Use a glue gun to secure ribbons to a piece of cardboard, then add to a frame. Get creative with the ribbon placement too – mix vertical and horizontal placement, or lay one ribbon across other ones. You could also use just a few ribbons and write your favorite cheer phrase or school fight rally on them, then attach them to a color or print background and frame. Trim your ribbons and tie them to the top of your favorite pair of flip flops. Use the full length of your ribbons to create an outdoor chandelier by attaching them to a circle frame. Create your own prom corsage! Set your ribbons around a small flower arrangement – you can find everything you need at a craft store. Use your ribbon as hanging wire for pictures and other pieces of art. You can attach ribbon to the back of a canvas or franme with a glue gun, then tie the top pieces together in a bow and hang over a nail. Use your ribbon to decorate your favorite vase or plant potter. Just wrap it around and tie it! (You can use glue dots to secure the ribbon if needed – they won’t ruin the vase or the ribbon!) Use scrap pieces of the ribbon to decorate photo albums for your school year, cheerleading season, or for photo books for friends. Use a glue gun to attach your ribbon to a headband. Use pieces of your ribbon for a patchwork blanket. Include in the design, or use as the lining for edges! You can use your old uniforms and other apparel for the patchwork too! Use your old ribbon as a keyring or key charm. Add your ribbon to the top or bottom ring of a lampshade, or to the sides. You’ll create a one-of-a-kind home decor piece! Tie your old bows to your travel luggage for a clear and unmistakable identifier! Your cheerleading uniforms can be recycled too! Read about how a high school coach is breathing new life into old uniforms, and raising funds for her team! How else can cheerleaders recycle their old gear? Share your ideas with our readers in the comments!

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