10 Reasons Your Cheer Squad Is Your Soul Mate

by omni

Your teammates know you better than anyone else. They not only see you at your very best and worst, but they are right there with you, being at their very best and worst. You win, lose, sweat, laugh, cry, scream, dance, and dream together. Most of all, you eat, sleep, and breathe cheer together. So basically, your cheer squad is your soul mate. Here are 10 reasons why: They like all the same things you do. Well, just the one thing really. What else is there? You are obsessed with the same things: cheer accessories! You all collect cheer bows and then discuss how to best organize and display them‚ VERY important conversations that non-soul mates would not understand. (Source: Instagram) You speak the same language. No one else really makes sense. (Source: Tumblr.com) You enjoy romantic walks amazing stunts on the beach. Is it technically a beach trip if you don’t snap a stunting pic? No, no it is not. Your soul mates know this. They understand. (Source: Pinterest.com) They don’t think you are crazy when you start stretching during every spare moment. (Source: Giphy.com) They have the same schedule as you, and thus are really the only people you will be seeing or speaking with during peak cheer season anyway. (Source: Pinterest.com) They share your core beliefs. (Source: Pinterest.com) They always, always, always have your back. No matter what. They don’t get mad at you over stupid things. (Source: Tumblr.com) They love you the way only your cheer teammates can! Are your teammates your soul mates? Tell us why in the comments!

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