10 Reasons Cheerleaders Deserve Respect

by omni

It’s no secret that cheerleaders often don’t get the respect they deserve. Thirty one percent of cheerleaders say only some of their friends and family support their sport. Cheerleaders are athletes who have a lot of respect for other athletes. We do cheer you on at your games, after all! When cheerleaders fight for respect for their sport, they aren’t saying they’re better than other athletes‚ they just want you to understand that they’re athletes, too! So, here are a few of the top reasons cheerleaders deserve respect: It is the most dangerous sport for girls. We do it anyway. We come back from those injuries! We are faced with a lot of negative (and untrue!) stereotypes. Have you seen what we can do?(Source: Tumblr.com) That doesn’t just happen. We put in a lot of work! Cheerleaders understand that all athletes deserve respect! We cheer for teams that don’t always respect what we do.(Source: Pinterest) We give back. From spreading school and team spirit at games, pep rallies, and other events to helping out in the community and leading others in doing the same, cheerleaders do a lot to make a difference. We have to make sacrifices for our sport. A lot of cheerleaders have to travel hours, sometimes across state lines, a couple times a week to get to a gym for practice. All cheerleaders dedicate a lot of their free time to cheer, even if they are fortunate enough to live near a good gym or cheer on their school squad. Any good athlete doesn’t really recognize an off-season, but cheerleaders truly have official cheer events year-round. We have sideline cheering in the fall and winter, competitions in the winter and spring, and tryouts, camps, and practicing with your new team in the spring and summer. We wouldn’t have it any other way though! Did we mention we can do cool things?(Source: Tumblr.com) Have you had to deal with other athletes not respecting your sport? How did you handle it?

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