10 Must-Do Holiday Activities

by omni

Being out of school for a few weeks over the holidays means you have few responsibilities and obligations. But you aren’t completely off the hook. The holidays only come around once a year, so you have the responsibility of merrily partaking in holiday activities. Don’t let the holidays pass you by before you enjoy these 10 must-do holiday activities, plus one bonus task we think you’ll be up for. Decorate. Help put lights up in the yard, hang up those paper plate ornaments your parents still have that you made in kindergarten, and definitely make sure you hang some stockings by the fireplace. source Make a gingerbread house. There are tons of gingerbread possibilities” “from cottages to villages and even gingerbread trains. You can get a pre-made kit at the store or start your own from scratch. source Look at holiday lights. Whether you go for a walk around your neighborhood or get in your car and drive to one of those neighborhoods that must require you to sign a contract saying you’re insanely festive before you move in, just grab some hot cocoa and go see some lights! source Ice skate. In all honesty, the idea of ice skating is much better than the reality of wobbling around in circles while freezing, but you should still do it. If you bring a group of friends you can laugh together and Instagram each other splattered out on the ice. So bundle up, power up with a peppermint mocha in a holiday cup, and go have some traditional holiday fun. source Shop. Make your list, check it twice, and shop till you drop! source Give back. It’s that time of year to spread some cheer. In the bustle of the holidays, don’t forget about those less fortunate than you. There’s a lot of things you can do to make a difference, from participating in a food or toy drive to volunteering at a community event or even organizing your own event with your squad. source Bake. Get pre-made dough from the store and pop it in the oven, use your grandma’s old family recipe, or even follow the recipe on the back of the chocolate chip bag” “any way you do it, you will have tasty treats and a house that smells like a North Pole bakery. source Listen to and sing holiday music. Even if it’s just in the shower. You grab that shampoo bottle mic, and you rock it! We even have a list of song ideas for you, so you really have no excuse. source Play in the snow. Even if it’s not snowing at your house, you can probably take a day or weekend trip to a nearby mountain and do some sledding, tubing, skiing, or snowboarding. If it does snow at your house, build a snowman or organize a neighborhood snowball fight. Just make sure you get on a good team. Nothing says “Happy holidays” like a snowball to the face. source Watch holiday movies. There’s nothing like coming in from a long day of playing in the snow and popping in a holiday movie while you thaw out with some cocoa. Consult our list of must-see holiday movies to get started! source Invent your own holiday activity. Gather your siblings, cousins, or friends and put your minds together. Be creative, festive, and safe. source What are your favorite holiday activities?

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