10 GIFs to Tell If Your Heart Truly Beats in 8 Counts

by omni

Some cheerleaders are just born with cheerleading in their hearts, that’s a given. As soon as you could talk and walk, you were cheering‚ well, at least that’s what you want to believe about your infancy. For longtime cheerleaders, you will never outgrow the lifestyle, and even when you age out, you’re just going to find other things to cheer for. Describing your love for cheerleading is futile because your love is too vast to put words to. Don’t worry‚ you are not alone! Without borrowing a doctor’s stethoscope, it’s easy to tell if your heart beats in eight counts. If you are not sure if you’re truly obsessed with cheerleading, try taking a trip to the mall one day and judge yourself based on how you react to these shopping circumstances: The first song on your cheer mix randomly comes on over a store’s loudspeakers. Did you automatically launch into the beginning motions of your routine? Buuuuuusted. [Source: Tumblr] No one saw that, and so what if they did? You’re a cheerleader and proud. But now you move on to the fitting room. Still wearing your sports bra from practice? Oh, you wear one every day? That sounds about right‚ [Source: Giphy] Before you can try on anything on, however, you have to remove your chosen hair accessory of the day. When trying on store items, it’s bows before clothes. [Source: Giphy] You can’t reach an item hanging on the wall. Luckily, you brought a friend and convince them to be your impromptu flyer. You’re a master base, you won’t let them hit the floor‚ [Source: Giphy] Oops, the store manager saw that. To avoid any repercussions, you attempt to turn their frown upside down with your positive cheerleader attitude. Do not underestimate the power of spirit fingers. [Source: Giphy] It’s time to get some food because all this shopping has worked you up an appetite. Do you practice your stretches as you ride up the escalator towards the food court? Any downtime can be used for stretching! [Source: Giphy] At the food court, you don’t look twice at the salad lines and go straight for the real food. You can’t be low on calories to go full out at practice later! That would be the worst idea ever. [Source: Giphy] Walking off your feast, you look down at your feet and notice all the pretty sparkles in the walkway! No wonder cheerleaders love the mall‚ there’s glitter with every step! And there’s nothing like glitter to get any party going… [Source: Giphy] Sitting down around the mall fountain, you flip some pennies in and make some wishes. As you do, did you think about your tuck jump technique? How about how you tumble in general? Yeah, we thought you did. [Source: Giphy] Looking around the mall, you suppress your sadness that there isn’t a store devoted entirely to bows in existence yet. Don’t malls know that we are living in the 21st Century? You shrug off your eternal dismay and disappointment though, knowing that it would just be too easy to shop for all your cheer essentials in one convenient location. Maybe one day! [Source: Giphy] If any of this sounds familiar, then your heart definitely beats in eight counts! You are one bona fide cheerleader, so keep up the cheer work!

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