Fundraising For Cheerleading Competitions

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Energy is at the core of every cheerleader. How do you prevent that energy and excitement from turning into worry and stress during competition season? One way is to have a competition fundraising plan in place!

Fundraising is great for your team because not only can you raise money for new uniforms and competition expenses, but you are also getting the community involved and invested in your success. You can meet new people, ignite school pride and build a base of supporters that will continue to think of your team as their team.

Keep in mind that competition fundraising happens under different circumstances than summer fundraising. The team is back in school and balancing their homework, practices and game performances. You can't expect them to spend all of their time fundraising, especially when that time would be taking away from learning routines, creating new cheers and, most importantly, practicing for competitions! Here are some things to keep in mind when you are planning your competition fundraising, and some ideas to get you started.

Costs To Consider

Competition Fundraising Ideas
It's game season! Take advantage of the already supportive crowd with these game-day options:
  • Organize a raffle and sell raffle tickets at games.

  • Run a concession stand or independently sell candy, drinks and snacks.

  • Sell school gear infused with spirit, from classics like t-shirts and sweatshirts, to fun items like poms and megaphones.

  • Let the crowd play their own game with scratch off Fund-2-Raise donation cards.

Fill the holidays with spirit!
  • Partner with your local mall and open a gift-wrapping booth.

  • Have an ornament-making party, or see if a local artist or art school can create and donate some, then sell them to the community.

  • Design Christmas cards (use your school as a theme!), print them and sell them.

  • Have everyone on the squad submit a family (or favorite) recipe and create a book to print and sell.

Fill them up!
  • Hold bake sales at school events like dances, open houses and PTA meetings.

  • Host a spaghetti dinner for the community.